Tuesday, January 29, 2013


In a dystopian future, a lone wanderer finds someone not too different from himself.


  1. Getting back into the art groove. Im writing a list of things I need to improve on and I'm going to take little steps each day to try to improve. What type of things do you like practicing everyday that you wouldn't always submit to the internet?

  2. That's great!

    I'm a bit irregular with practice, but things I try to do from time to time are: studies directly from an anatomy book (Andrew Loomis is my favorite), master copies, photo studies of various subjects (fashion, armour, weapons, portraits, etc.), and I like to just go out to a public place with lots of people to sketch.

    Apart from that I like to study the technique of other artists while I work. For example I look at how John Singer Sargent handled his brushstrokes on facial features while I am painting a face of my own. Really I think that may be how I learn the most.

    I post a few studies on my sketchbook page at ConceptArt.org