On this page I have compiled a list of resources that I find useful and refer to often.

Online Art Communities
CG Society

Art Blogs
These are blogs that provide great teaching, inspiration, and demonstration
Gurney Journey
Muddy Colors
Temple of the Seven Golden Camels
Lines and Colors
Westerberg Fine Art
Iain McCaig
Art and Influence
Garin Baker
Petar Meseldzija
Illustration Art
Daniel Gerhartz
Nathan Fowkes
Fresh Designer
Aaron Blaise

Chris Oatley's Artcast
The Collective Podcast
Paper Wings Podcast
Making Comics Podcast
Guys with Pencils Podcast
One Fantastic Week
Savvy Painter Podcast
Creative Trek Podcast

Video & LiveStreams
Shaddy Safadi - Digital Painting
Feng Zhu
Dave Rapoza's Livestream
Daniel's Danger Room Livestream
Awesome Horse Studios Livestream
Wolkenfels' list of artist's Livestreams
Enliighten Tutorials by Daarken
Will Terry talks about freelance illustration
Jeff Watts Atelier - weekly demos

Interviews, Demonstrations, & Other Media
Schoolism Interviews with Bobby Chiu
CG Master Workshops YouTube Channel
Academy of Art University Youtube
Ctrl+Paint Digital Painting Demos
En Plein Air
Scott Waddell- traditional realist
CTN Animation Expo Talks
Proko - Drawing and Painting video tutorials
Irrational Interviews
Kevin Chen figure drawing instuction
Nicolas Weis free workshop
Aaron Blaise demos

Reference & Image Resources
Cinematography Frames 

Reddit Photo Archive
Movie Screenshots
ARC Art Renewal Center
Landscape and Environment photos
Figure Drawing Reference, NSFW
Figure Drawing tool
NMA Figure Drawing YouTube: 

"Croquis CafĂ©" Figure Drawing
Fashion through the ages
Portraits of Strangers
5 Second Faces
Various Faces
Snapshots of scared people
DeviantArt Textures

Lost and Taken textures
Bodies in Motion
Medieval Costume Reference
Armor Reference
Historical Costume Resources
Macro Insect Photography
Bargue Plates
Mechanical Movements

Painting & Technique
General Digital Painting Tips
Light- a detailed tutorial
Atmospheric Perspective
RGB Color Picker Technique by Lin Ran 
Tonal Organization, Loomis

Online Learning
New Masters Academy

Inspiring Artists
Jaime Jones
Craig Mullins
Iain McCaig
Sergey Kolesov
Nathan Fowkes
Todd Lockwood
Thomas Pringle
L. D. Austin
John Watkiss
Zhaoming Wu
Henry Yan
plus many many more...

The Round Tablet - Digital Art Resource
Paul Felix drawing notes:

Cool Stuff
An inspiring interview with Guillermo Del Toro - Part 1 | Part 2
Animation Director Round Table - YouTube Link
Iain McCaig interview -YouTube Link 
Character Design
Ralph McQuarrie, Star Wars Concept Artist: Tribute
How To Train Your Dragon - Making Of
Art pricing guide
Abstract design tool:
Glen Keane - Animation Podcast - Part 1: Part 2:
Studio Ghibli / Miyazaki documentary-
Making of How to Train Your Dragon 2:

Freelance Tools
Pay Scale Guide 
Freelance Hourly Rate Calculator
Freelance Contract Templates

Story & Writing
Writing Excuses Podcast