Sunday, August 3, 2014


The idea for this came about during a very busy week, but I couldn't wait to get it out. I'm fairly happy with the figure, though the environment may be a little lacking by comparison.  I wanted the foliage to seem out of focus, but it may simply appear rough and unfinished. If I get some more time, I might noodle on some more.

Doodle Dump

Here are some odds and ends.  Unfinished works and rough sketches.
These are by no means my best work, but maybe worth keeping record of.

30 min Spitpaint: "Tropical Island Hideout"

30 min Spitpaint: "Shield Maiden"

Some creepy guy, probably up to no good.

Two Italian interior concepts for a canceled project.

A birthday sketch

Lastly, a figure drawing from live model.