Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Animation Backgrounds

When watching old animated cartoons I often find myself amazed by the background art more so than the character running around in front of it. Older Disney cartoons and Looney Toons, have some awesome scenes that may only be shown for a few half seconds. It's hard to understand how an artist could put so much time and dedication into an image that would be seen for such an insignificant amount of time. That, and if the cartoon is any good, the audience will be focused on the animated characters. It seems to me that those artists go mostly unaccredited and unknown. I was happy to find an amazing blog that showcases some old background art, lots of it! :


Friday, January 1, 2010

Landscape 2010

I will call this my first piece of 2010. When drawing from the imagination, it is difficult to make images look natural. Sometimes things come out looking too idealized or perfected, when the true beauty is often in imperfection, and the sudden break in a pattern that we don't expect. I can't yet say if I have accomplished that in this image, but it is an aspect I am working on.