Friday, April 24, 2020

The Charcoal Master Pack - Procreate Brush Set

Lane's Charcoal Master Pack is a collection of finely tuned brushes for Procreate 5+.

Enjoy an arsenal of 38 brushes and tools inspired by master artists such as Andrew Loomis, Glen Keane, and John Singer Sargent.  

Taking full advantage of Procreate 5's new brush engine and the Apple Pencil's tilt control, these brushes are capable of incredibly natural and satisfying effects. 
The set includes a range of charcoal pencils, vine, willow, conté, charcoal dust, and compressed charcoal sticks.  Also, special smudge and eraser tools for very natural effects. 
A description of each brush and tips on how to use them effectively is provided. 
Now Available on Gumroad:

Use promo code CHARCOAL for 10% off!

Pro Tip:  Try holding the Apple Pencil between your index finger and middle finger.  This makes it easier to transition between the tip (for fine lines) and the edge (for broad strokes) without having to change your grip!

Friday, December 30, 2016

The Adventure Continues, Elsewhere

I no longer update this blog because it's rarely viewed, but the art work continues!

You can follow my work on 
Artstation where I post finished paintings and illustrations:

Instagram, where I post all sorts of figure drawings and sketches:

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