Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sketches with RGB color picker

I have always set my color picker to HSB in Photoshop. It seems very intuitive when thinking of color in terms of traditional painting.

Here I am playing around with the picker set to RGB. I am surprised with how significantly it effects my color choices.

It seems to lend itself to a broader spectrum of color, whereas with HSB I tend to adopt a much more limited palette. I think HSB requires more intentional color selection, where the RGB slider naturally introduces a greater range of hues. I probably just lack restraint though, and need to practice with it more.

I remember reading Lin Ran's great tutorial on RGB color picker a few years ago: Link 
At the time I didn't understand the complexity of the RGB slider. It was just too overwhelming to bother with. Now it feels very natural to use. I think I'll keep playing with it.


  1. That's a very good point actually,

    I never really thought too much about it too before,
    I think I'm gonna take a look at it and see how it goes :)

    Thanks for bringing that up!

    And great post, too :)