Thursday, July 5, 2012

Please Don't Go

The general's daughter has had a personal bodyguard since the day she was born. "Big Barry" as he is often called, would be considered by most people an odd fellow, being so tall and a bit misshapen. Yet despite his awkward appearance, he is probably the most capable soldier on the palace grounds. Some say he single-handedly fended off dozens of enemy soldiers when the general fell injured in the heat of battle. I suppose that's what it takes to be trusted with the life of the master's only child.

While our general has spent the better part of each year away with the troops, "Big Barry" has spent nearly every hour of every day by the daughter's side. He has become both a close friend and caring father figure. At heart he's a very charming man, who through his joyful humor, shares great wisdom. But for fear of appearance, few have ever discovered his true nature.

Today the captain of the guard was replaced by a most despicable man. He's a short angry fellow, who has not looked kindly upon the large deformed bodyguard. So much was his disgust, that he has just ordered Big Barry to the front lines... a destination from which few soldiers ever return.


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