Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Alien Concept - Splincer

Splincers are agile alien predators with sharp bone extremities. Although lacking in strength and intelligence, these fiends are extremely fast and aggressive in their pursuit of prey. Using their large protruding teeth and claws, they latch on to the backs of their prey where they are nearly impossible to shake off.
They tend to hunt in large packs, which allows them to overwhelm even the largest of beasts.

If you must enter Splincer territory, it is advisable that you wear heavy slash-proof armor and equip a very large mace. While you should always wear a sidearm, you will find that Splincers are extremely hard to hit with automatic weapons due to their slim figures and swift movement. Some have found success using shotguns, but many unfortunate adventurers have found them far too lacking in ammo capacity.

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