Tuesday, July 21, 2015



  1. Missed your work man, I see you went on a great adventure... I scrolled through some of your photography, really took me on a wild trip =) Thank you for sharing =) Where do you keep your online sketch book? I liked the Faces painting from earlier this year and themes you have developed =) Keep up the awesome work man and looking forward to your next piece! =)

    1. Thanks Edward!

      I've been busy, but sadly have very little to show for it. Something I need to change... somehow. Though I have been doing a lot of studies lately. Which will hopefully pay off in future work.

      The trip was an amazing. I started with next to no travel experience, and returned feeling like a true globe trotter. Definitely do it whenever you can. As with all of life, the experiences will enrich your art.

      If I can offer you any aid in your art work, feel free to contact me.

    2. Hey Lane! Thank you for the reply. I don't do much study at the moment, just the odd piece every week or so. Yip I like to travel also, I just had to deal with a bunch of immigration issues though, which nearly left me so broke, I didn't have any money to eat even.

      Sure, I will contact you by email. I can't think of anything to ask you at the moment, mostly I like looking at your work when I need a jolt. I hope your work is going well, keep doing awesome work! =)