Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Old Brigand

This is an indirect study of this awesome portrait by Ilya Repin:

I think master "copies" are a great way to learn, but it's easy to fall asleep while copying stroke per stroke.  So here I'm trying to mix it up a bit.


  1. Incredible! How do u get such a rough texture in your digital painting (I'm assuming this is digital)? I've tried using various brushes and filter effects but my final pieces still look soft/fuzzy.

    1. Thanks Dalrek! Apart from using brushes with a little bit of texture, I always make sure to use the Smart Sharpen filter on the image once its finished. Sometimes I will use the Sharpen Tool to be more selective. This helps to reduce that overly soft look that digital tends to have, and gives the brush strokes more depth. This is a tip I picked up from the great Jaime Jones. Here's a short tutorial I made a while back: