Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Basilisk Ball

Centuries ago, warriors donned the hides of their basilisk foes as a totem of strength and bravery.  When the Serpent Lord was finally defeated, the first Basilisk Ball was held to celebrate Man's victory.  Now, generations later, the tradition is still a favorite among high nobility.


  1. That's an awesome piece, love the armor and the helmet of the girl, also the colors look really nice :)

  2. Hello!
    I love your art, congrat for all these pieces! This one is my prefered, I think. In particular, I like very much the woman's hand holding the glass... Sorry for appreciating such a little detail!
    Does this art come from a external source? A story, or else? Or is it a stand-alone art?

    1. Thanks Vorador! This is just a stand-alone image, for fun.

    2. Ok! In fact, I was wondering if I could use the concept of this ball for my story (not the name Basilisk Ball, but the idea, the costumes, the ambience...). I like the mix of Baroque and Middle Ages. It reminds me the french comic Thorgal (vol. 6: la Chute de Brek Zarith, see the left image on this photo: ). It is a bit older (1984), and the overall impression is more creepy and disturbing. I think I prefer the serenity of your scene :)

    3. Sure! Feel free, and thanks for asking :)