Thursday, August 9, 2012

Marshland Condos

Environment concept.

Process shots:


  1. Great work. Interesting design. Keep it up

  2. This beauty....It's insane !
    Your landscapes are really awesome as always.
    The correct colors, the nice lighting. *LUV* <3

    You're officially my master for the landscape concept. :3

  3. I am very curious to know how you started out. The first of the process shots looks like four or five random layers thrown together with some brushstrokes. It was amazing to see that turn into the finished product -- your sense for shape and lighting really comes through.

  4. R0m4n- thanks
    Tiphereth- :D much appreciated!


    I drew some inspiration from Craig Mullins's technique. I started from an abstract collage of shapes and colors, using overlayed photos. I hid the very first steps, because the woman's face would have distracted from the image.

    Without having a plan in mind, it's much easier to "find" an image from the abstraction, than it would be to start from an empty canvas.

  5. Nice man, how you pulled together the image from abstraction

    Fan of your work =)