Thursday, March 10, 2011

Glow Jaw Creature Concept

This is a creature concept for Creature of the Week #205 on

Glow Jaws are large insects that burrow into overhanging surfaces, such as fallen trees or mud caves. They have tentacle-like appendages that glow brightly. On the tentacles are scented lures that attract prey such as small rodents. Their legs are broad, shaped like flower petals found in the habitat, they can tightly enclose around prey. The legs are also great for burrowing, and can serve as a shield from predators. However, the Glow Jaw is very vulnerable when it is not in a burrow.


  1. Hello ! I found your amazing talent on Deviant Art. I'm glad to watch new works here ! Your colors are always so incredible. I follow your blog. ^^

  2. Awesome, thank you. I appreciate it! :D